Safety Features

  • Secured entry access (programmed key fob for building access, floor access, pool, parking deck, etc)

  • Secure access to residential floors

  • Video Surveillance, 24-7

  • Life Safety System (visual and audio alerts in each residence with instant 911 call)

  • Sprinklers in each residence

  • Call box for your visitors to be “buzzed” in

Area Amenities

(within walking or two-mile radius)

On-Site Amenities

  • Outdoor Swimming Pool

  • Indoor Fitness Center

  • Covered Parking Deck with Covered Breezeway

  • HyperLeap (affordable next-generation broadband Internet service up to 1 Gbps)

  • Climate Controlled Self-Storage

  • Entertainment Room

Grocery Store
Dry Cleaners
Variety of Restaurants
Furnishing Stores

Retail Stores
Liquor Stores
Park Plaza Mall
Specialty Food Store
Variety of Banks

Yoga Studio
Auto Service Center
Gas Station
Movie Theater