Life can be a connect-the-dots existence: School, Graduation, job/career , a house, then a dog, a fence for the dog, a yard for the fence, trees and flowers for the yard...and more flowers when the dog digs up them up. Growing grass, cutting grass, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, yikes! It's an endless cycle of upkeep.

A different kind of home

Across the state and especially in Little Rock, condo living is rapidly growing in popularity. Condominium ownership is a perfect fit for busy, active people who desire a carefree after work existence..

Riviera Condominiums' front door is just steps from a number of award-winning restaurants, some of the South's most sought-after designers and a network of Arkansas River trails that connect the River Market, with their own award-winning chefs, the Clinton Library and hip nightlife. The Rebsamen Park Golf Course is close and great views from the top of the Big Dam Bridge and Pinnacle Mountain are within reach.

And there's so much more!

What's on the top your weekend to-do list?

  • A trip to Dallas for a Cowboy's game or mowing, trimming, raking and painting?
  • A romantic dinner or installing a security system?
  • A bike ride across Two Rivers Bridge or cleaning and winterizing the pool?
  • A fun shopping trip with the girls or scooping up after the dog in the backyard?

Rethink your living situation

Condominium ownership is affordable and offers a maintenance-free lifestyle.

Without the expense and time-constraints of homeownership, the household budget shrinks, there's more time to enjoy the local offerings , and safety and security is provided-So get out and start living!